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Why Print Will Never Die

posted 15th Mar 2019

Whilst the last decade has seen us embrace ‘digital’ as a powerful medium, the need for tactile, physically-printed materials has never been so great. Here at Designfort, we are huge advocates of print, keen to promote ways in which printing can enhance the digitally-savvy time that we find ourselves in.

Forge better relationships

70% of people believe that they receive far too many ‘spam’ emails, with the open nature of the internet giving way to sporadic, constant marketing. The tangible element to print means businesses can cut through the digital noise. The ‘touch’ aspect also makes print more personal, meaning marketing collateral is usually better remembered in physical form.

Reach the masses

Though email and social media play key roles in the majority of our lives; not everyone is ‘connected’. A research project conducted by social media giants, Facebook, proved that there is still a large proportion of people that either chooses not to use the internet or simply don’t have access to it. By opting for print campaigns, you can ensure those touch points putting your messaging in front of those that do and do not use the internet. With close to 49% of the world not being connected; it’s certainly worth consideration.

Advertising time

The fast-paced nature of the internet means we are bombarded with messages and calls-to-action when on any website. Seeing us become desensitized to such messages, advertisers are finding it increasingly difficult to get and maintain the attention of users. On average, people keep a printed message for 17 days, compared to giving 2 seconds of their attention to marketing efforts made to them online.

Have a seasonal marketing advantage

With each marketing campaign, there is a need to increase the response rate. The majority of businesses ramp up marketing efforts during seasonal periods, meaning print is often the only way to gain recognition. With people expecting to receive physical messages on occasions such as birthdays and Christmas, print gives businesses the option to stand out for all the right reasons.

Complement digital marketing techniques

Modern businesses are now putting digital marketing at the center of their business plans, with building their audience and customer base is the ultimate focus. One of the main priorities is to drive people to their websites, something print campaigns can achieve with ease. From featuring web addresses and QR Codes on collateral to giving people a snippet of information and making them hungry to dig for me.

Looking for print solutions? If so, contact us at Designfort. With many years of experience in the world of print, we can provide a second-to-none service at a competitive rate.

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