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Every project we undertake is fuelled by a passionate team of strategists that are inspired to build solutions that drive results. Our end objective has always been to work with a diverse client base and build a lasting relationship that goes beyond projects. If you like the work you see and are interested to collaborate with us on your next project, get in touch with us.

The Content Game

posted 18th May 2022

Here's a quick exercise to know your core value. What is your brand synonymous to? For example, Zomato = Food. Emaar = Property. Careem = Commute. And, Designfort = Digital. People don't want boring information about your business. If we were to tell, Designfort helps you with anything digital -..

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How would Advertising be in the futuristic Facebook Metaverse?

posted 25th January 2022

We all know Facebook, that one place where everyone shares their photos, stories,blogs, videos, articles, etc. Remember when your parents joined Facebook? And started sharing anything they wanted you to see? (They had no idea you can tag people in comments). Well, your parents and 3 billion people j..

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What is Remarketing and how it works?

posted 1st July 2020

Advertising on Google is the most powerful form of a medium through which one can be sure that millions if not billions will know about the services your business will offer. If you are advertising on Google, all you need to do is add a piece of Google remarketing code, otherwise known as a tag or p..

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The Myths of SEO

posted 29th June 2020

For something as dynamic and rapidly evolving as SEO there is always a chance of a few misinformation abounding from here and there. What you know (or think you know) about Search Engine Optimization Services, may have been true a few years ago, or even a few weeks ago, but have changed. So this art..

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Drive in heavy traffic to your commercial website

posted 15th June 2020

“Drive in heavy traffic to your commercial website, The new Business Mantra” –Roshan Joshi.Many a times, There are various different questions asked to various entrepreneurs on what they would want for the following year for their respective businesses? The answer clearly stating “ More Customers!”...

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Tiktok for business

posted 21st November 2019

Most of us might have heard about TikTok but quite a number of people will have no idea about what TikTok is; so, let’s have a short brief on TikTok before jumping into the topic.What is TikTok?TikTok is originally a Chinese social media video app, which was launched in 2017 by ByteDance, a Beijing-..

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Waterfall or Agile? Which is good for our project?

posted 10th May 2019

The traditional waterfall methodology for software development is rapidly losing its popularity as an Agile methodology is now being increasingly adopted by companies worldwide for software development.Waterfall basically is a sequential model where software development is segregated into a seq..

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Benefits of a Project Management Tool

posted 3rd May 2019

Project management software helps small to large businesses, who juggle a number of tasks, with a solution that helps in keeping them organized. There are a wide variety of project management software packages available, including web-based applications accessible from any location. Each softwa..

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Why conducting a pen test a must?

posted 18th April 2019

A penetration test — or pen test — is a simulation of a possible cyber-attack against an IT system performed by a professional with no malicious intent. The main purpose of such tests is to find exploitable vulnerabilities before anybody else does so that they can be fixed and addressed accordin..

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Keeping the Code Agile

posted 11th April 2019

You're a developer on a team new to developing agile software, programming away, when you realize,  that Agile programming involves delivering working, tested software every iteration (two-four weeks). As the iterations flow, this demand creates a new kind of pressure as developers code more..

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Steps for Mobile Quality Control

posted 5th April 2019

With over 6.5 million smartphone applications already available on the IOS and Android app stores, we could say there is a mobile app for everything. Yet, there is room for more - more ideas, more opportunities, and more user engagement.If you are planning to launch a mobile app and expect..

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Why Print Will Never Die

posted 15th March 2019

Whilst the last decade has seen us embrace ‘digital’ as a powerful medium, the need for tactile, physically-printed materials has never been so great. Here at Designfort, we are huge advocates of print, keen to promote ways in which printing can enhance the digitally-savvy time that we find our..

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Business Benefits of Digital Marketing

posted 8th March 2019

It may come as no surprise that the marketplace has become increasingly more digital as technology continues to evolve. The benefits of digital marketing are becoming more prevalent every day. More and more consumers are researching and buying products online. According to Forbes, 82% of consumers c..

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How Web Development will help you in marketing.

posted 22nd February 2019

With the advances in technology in the last couple of years, mobile apps can now provide an enriched and interactive environment that can be used on any modern smartphone. Not only can they be used effectively for productivity gains but are powerful marketing tools as well, providing business opport..

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How products are priced with Competitive Pricing

posted 25th January 2019

Effective pricing is crucial for a business. That’s the only way they would know at what price they should offer a product while maintaining a good profit margin and keeping up with the competition. A business can pick from a variety of pricing strategies and the selection depends on different facto..

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State of retail e-commerce in the Middle East

posted 18th January 2019

Over the last six years, e-commerce has grown to become a significant growth-catalyst of the Middle East’s economy; a development that is reflected in a number of major deals.The founder of Noon, Mohamed Alabbar, who launched the $1bn e-commerce platform in 2017, has been prominent in the sector, wi..

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The dawn of tolerance

posted 9th January 2019

The years pass by and the dark clouds of despair, agony, war, and suffering gather in strength, a ray of shining light that represent hope, kindness, summits of joy and courage always manage to shine brightly. That light is the UAE setting a stellar example among its contemporaries on how it can shi..

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Six Powerful Reason to Use Video Marketing

posted 10th December 2018

According to statistics, 63% of businesses have started using video content marketing. Out of which 82% of them feel video marketing is an important part of their strategy. Video is progressing rapidly and will reach new heights sooner than we think. This trend is accelerated by 83% of..

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The Best Social Media Management Practices

posted 15th November 2018

The easiest way to view social media management is to consider that it includes 3 major social media disciplines: social listening, social analytics and social engagement. Social listening is when you gather everything that is being said about your brand. Social analytics help you understand all the..

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Benefits of Hybrid mobile app development

posted 8th November 2018

From low-cost maintenance to high-speed development, there are many positive attributes of hybrid app development. Here are some of the well-known advantages of building hybrid apps as compared to pure native mobile or web apps. 1. Low cost with ease of development:Since hybrid mobile apps comb..

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The benefits of a web hosting service

posted 1st November 2018

If you are running a business that makes the internet play a crucial role, then you will need the help of professional web hosting services. By getting fabulous results web hosting services are the proverbial cog in your business machinery and a very important one at that. By providing you with a nu..

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Importance of Social Media Marketing

posted 20th October 2018

To many entrepreneurs and some big businesses, social media marketing is the “linchpin of success,” a temporary yet a powerful fad that must be taken seriously while it’s still in the relevant limelight. To others, it’s a buzzword with no practical advantages steeped with some complicated learning c..

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The best ways that web scrapping can be good for your business

posted 11th October 2018

How can owners using data collection & analysts complete the highly daunting task of information collection?  The information can range from competition, latest trends, and emerging markets which are crucial to the prospect of staying relevant in today’s market. With the amount of data avai..

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What makes up a good mobile app?

posted 1st October 2018

Mobile apps are now a part and parcel of our entire business arsenal. We cannot imagine conducting our daily activities without them at our beck and call. So what goes into making a good user experience apps? Here are some of the many important points to keep in mind when developing one.1. Understan..

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The untold benefits of a custom CMS

posted 24th September 2018

For the uninitiated, Content Management Systems (CMS) is a web tool that helps in creating and managing digital content. From web-based publishing to search and retrieval, CMS helps in designing a seamless and fluid website.If you are looking for a unique and distinctive website that is in line with..

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Why is photography good for your business?

posted 13th September 2018

There are so many benefits to having professional photos of your organization and the products you offer.Here are just five of the numerous reasons that every business should invest in high-quality professional photography.1. A Picture is Worth a Thousand WordsYou’ve probably heard this term a lot. ..

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The nuances of getting a great brand identity

posted 31st July 2018

What comes to your mind when you see an advertisement for KFC, probably its tagline “It’s finger licking good”. Similarly, if you just want to search for something on the internet you ‘Google it’. Now both of these stalwarts from the fast-food industry and the technology sector have something in com..

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Benefits of Business Intelligence

posted 19th July 2018

Gathering intelligence is the simple act of you knowing something before someone else does. For example during World War II, the Allies cracked the infamous Enigma code which enabled them to keep track on all the movements of the Axis powers. Similarly, with Business intelligence (BI for short) your..

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Why should you get into e-Commerce? Here are 10 reason why.

posted 17th July 2018

From ‘brick and mortar’ to ‘click and order’, retailers are stepping up their game to grab both customers and a piece of the market. With increasing need of e-Commerce industry, every business is rushing to have an online store of their own. Having an online store can deliver a wide range of benefit..

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Native, Web or Hybrid? Or all of the above? Which is right for your business?

posted 4th July 2018

Before you get bombarded with a plethora of terminologies it is necessary for you to know what is Hybrid, Native and Web apps and which of the three is the most appropriate and best for your business.The first decision that you have to make is what type of app you require. There is no definitive ans..

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How data is the new gold of the 21st century

posted 14th June 2018

Unlike its rare counterpart, data is readily available. Yet it is the rarity of gold that makes it all the more valuable. But even if data doesn’t have the allure, it still is worth a lot in the 21st-century marketplace. This article will examine what makes data the new gold of the internet era.In t..

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How Microsoft SharePoint will benefit your business?

posted 9th June 2018

With its reputation as a secure place to store, organise, share and access any information from a wide range of devices, Microsoft SharePoint is truly one of the most popular enterprise-ready software with a huge user base spread across thousands of business globally. This is why about 75% of Fortun..

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Small errors that make a big impact on your website

posted 2nd June 2018

Your website is the face of your business and therefore it is crucial that a visitor to leaves it with a good first impression. When this happens, the ease of doing business with you will be a comfortable experience, thus it will inspire them to contact you – rather than your competitor.Moving forwa..

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Getting to the top (and staying there) with SEO in the UAE market

posted 10th May 2018

With the digital revolution in full swing, businesses (both small and big) around the world are making sure they stand out as the best from the rest with the help of SEO. Ranked as a global city for its major role in the international financial market, Dubai is every marketer’s dream come true. Pl..

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How can Mobile App soar your business to new heights?

posted 10th May 2018

In the last decade or so we have ushered in a mobile era. An increase in the usage of both mobiles and desktops have changed the very dynamics in the never-ending quest to conquer the global market, where the key to victory lies in communicating your brand message to the masses. It is only a matter..

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5 tips to design your brand identity

posted 23rd March 2018

Is it just a logo on your mind when you hear brand identity? Come-on guys, it is more than a logo, more than a brand style guide. Generally, it is the sum total of how your brand looks, feels and speaks to them - the main factor which persuades them to take a decision whether or not to mingle with y..

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7 reasons to use Twitter for promoting your business

posted 19th March 2018

Actually, why do you need twitter for your business? Let me explain, there are two types of people on twitter. The first group is the folks who are interested in your product or services and the second group are the people who they pay attention to. So if your business is not on this platform, you a..

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A guide to online marketing

posted 7th March 2018

Techopedia defines online marketing as a set of powerful tools and methodologies used for promoting product and services through the internet. And the good news for business owners like you is, unlike traditional business, online marketing has extra channels and marketing mechanisms. Whether you wan..

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How to choose a designer for your logo?

posted 20th December 2017

How to find a perfect logo designer? A logo designer should have the ability to deliver the message that you want to convey through his/her work. He or she should understand the needs of the clients and come up with a brilliant concept after thorough market research. But with such a plethora of choi..

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5 things your logo needs

posted 14th December 2017

People underestimate the importance of having a customized logo for their company. But let me tell you, a logo is more than just an image. It acts as the face of your company. Especially when the online platform is packed with several businesses offering similar products and services, your company’s..

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posted 12th December 2017

Of course, you can impress your website visitors with an enticing design. You can hold them to your site with interesting contents. Finally, you can convince them about the advantages of the product. But, creating an immediacy (that urge to buy the product or use your service right now), is not that..

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Why do you need a mobile commerce app for your business?

posted 10th December 2017

Can you imagine that as of December 2017, there are over 2 billion smartphone users? Which is expected to increase by 2.5 billion by the time 2019 rolls around. That’s a lot! But what does this mean for business owners? Why is it so important for business owners to start embracing mobile apps to sat..

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Why do visitors bounce off from your site?

posted 7th December 2017

Being a website owner, you have to strive hard for attracting visitors to your site. But, what if they leave as soon as they enter the site. It can’t get more frustrating, right?Of course, it is a huge struggle to convince visitors to stay on your site. There is an explosion of contents and an ocean..

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Ways to promote your brand online

posted 6th December 2017

We all know that a small business doesn’t have a huge sum of money to spend on marketing. But does that mean there are no effective ways to promote your brand? OH come-on guys, your marketing methods are not limited to printed brochures, distributing fliers or sponsoring local events. Small bus..

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posted 5th December 2017

Hearing “Instagram”, you might be thinking about the goofy selfies and one-minute recipe videos. No folks, it is more than that.Instagram is a wonderful and most excellent resource that any business can use. They have the ability to connect with a brand on an intimate level. Especially, with more th..

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Spectacular web design tricks

posted 4th December 2017

Imagine your visitor getting awestruck, saying wow and woo when they keep surfing on your site. A moment of pride, right? An average visitor has a variety of expectation from your website - mainly overall performance and web design.Therefore, the web designers use amazing techniques to arrest the at..

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posted 1st December 2017

The United Arab Emirates will celebrate its national day on December 2nd this year. As you might have seen, the whole country is all set to celebrate the long weekend with great pomp and splendor. Let’s have a closer look at what the national day is really about? HistoryThe United Arab Emi..

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Why should you hire a creative agency ?

posted 22nd November 2017

We all know the importance of having a website for a business. Since the future and the present are online, a majority of the people look up for the online existence of any business, be it a restaurant, mall, resort or anything.So imagine what happens, if your business website lacks expertise. It wi..

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posted 7th November 2017

Now-a-days lack of internet traffic is the biggest challenge faced by new business owners, and “how do I gain more visitors to the website?” is probably the most frequently asked question by all business owners, especially when they get frustrated at the lack of business through their website. Many ..

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posted 2nd November 2017

The National Flag Day will be celebrated on Thursday, November 2nd this year. UAE Flag Day has been commemorated on November 3 until now, but the Ministry of Cabinet and the Future issued a circular on Saturday announced that celebrations will take place on Thursday, November 2 this year.The Flag Da..

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posted 1st November 2017

Google continually makes changes to the way its search engine analyzes and ranks, websites and individual pages. The real problem arises when you find trouble in showcasing your presence on a wider scale.Search engines help to find stuff and thus, makes navigation easier. But how do you actually ran..

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5 things customers want to see on your e-commerce website

posted 15th October 2017

Business owners can no longer afford to ignore the myriad benefits of selling online!! Well, i am not going to talk about the advantages of e-commerce sites, we know how it works. What i do want to talk about now is your customer’s expectation. Obviously there is no fixed rules or e-commerce web de..

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posted 12th September 2017

I can understand that stressful situation, when you have to decide between choosing to go with a ready-made template and going with a customized web design.Yes, custom web designs are a bit more expensive than template websites. I agree, and hence, most startups prefer templates which are available ..

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posted 11th September 2017

BEING A SMALL business, competing with the larger business can sound scary!!! Plus you are surrounded by your friends and family having frequent questions about your firm’s success.And of course we can understand your envy for the big guys.They have the name and the capital to make some serious wave..

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Web design trends

posted 10th September 2017

“Following trends and being up to date are an essential part of my profession” claims Aju Suresh, Creative Designer of Designfort.To stay relevant, the web design sector will go through a self-rejuvenation every year. As technology advances and gets more involved in our day to day lives, users are d..

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