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Drive in heavy traffic to your commercial website

posted 15th Jun 2020

“Drive in heavy traffic to your commercial website, The new Business Mantra” –Roshan Joshi.

Many a times, There are various different questions asked to various entrepreneurs on what they would want for the following year for their respective businesses? The answer clearly stating “ More Customers!”.  Customer is the King and rightfully so,  In today’s digital world where customers are shifting completely towards the digital aspect of business rather than Traditional methods. Gone are those days where the customer would drop in by your office door and enquire about your products and services. With the fast moving and highly paced lifestyle majority of the customers prefer enquiring about their products and services via official websites. This blog is going to take you through the 5 of the most basic methods to drive in the right amount of traffic which you would require for your organization’s website for the following year.

1:Social Media: The millennial’s thrive on social media, As per many journals a confirmed statistic of about 45% of the millenial’s  check their social media the first thing in the morning after waking up, That clearly states how huge the Social Media would be in order to promote your organization’s webpage.  Social Media are accessed by all target age groups and happens to be one of the most vital aspects of generating buzz for organizations on social media. 

2: Change the game & Trim the work: One of the best ways to keep traffic building towards you is via posting unique content on the official website in the form of blogs and various social media posts, A blog that succeeds to deliver the message in less words would be considered successful in today’s fast growing world. 

3: Irresistible headlines:  Create a content and headline that no one would want to skip, A good headline leads to massive build up to a good content. So an interesting headline already leads to massive build up. 

4: Solid Content: A great headline to your content will drive attention but certainly if the content is boring that leads to people reading half way through which obviously leads to no message being delivered. Good content will always be appreciated regardless a slow start but it will definitely show great results eventually. 

5: Tracking with a goal: There are various SEO platforms that help you track your organization’s website success. Tracking shows us whether the organization is achieving the goals as we expected based on engagement and other important aspects. If engagement seems to be on a lower side, More posts, content and other interesting promotions could be added in order to reach the goals. 

These are some of the most basic ways to drive in traffic, However if you are looking for something more than just basic. Designfort’s marketing plan is an excellent opportunity in which we develop creative thoughts into a creative reality with our advanced technologies and professionals.

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