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Getting to the top (and staying there) with SEO in the UAE market

posted 10th May 2018

With the digital revolution in full swing, businesses (both small and big) around the world are making sure they stand out as the best from the rest with the help of SEO.

Ranked as a global city for its major role in the international financial market, Dubai is every marketer’s dream come true. Playing host to corporations and at the helm of a robust economy that will stand the test of time. It is just not enough to survive in a dynamic market as this but rather it is imperative to dominate it and what better way to achieve this goal with the help of marketing tools like SEO and SEM.

As an obvious golden rule, it is imperative, that one understands the ins and outs of the target market as there is a plethora of valuable knowledge regarding the UAE.

Everything that connects with digital marketing with the target consumer is deeply intertwined with elements of culture, environment, demographics, climates and regional preferences etc. If there is lack of knowledge about these elements, then a successful marketing structure cannot be implemented. An SEO strategy incorporates all the regional preferences of the UAE consumers in order to better increase the reach through online platforms.

Now that we have covered the basics it is time that we delve harder into the technicalities of SEO practice.

1. Assigning keywords to the proper pages

After researching extensively on the right keyword, you must take your list of keywords and determine which ones to focus on, on specific pages of your website. You may already have some existing pages on your site that you can assign a group of about 3 to 4 similar keywords to or you may need to create new pages for certain keywords that the research has revealed.

2. Use your target keywords in the title, URL, and Meta description

Use the keywords you assigned to each page within the title, URL, and Meta description of the page. Since Dubai is your targeted location, it is good practice to include the city name along with other keywords in the title of the page. If you’re targeting a specific part of Dubai it may be worth incorporating that into your title too as it helps narrow down the search to a greater extent.

3. Content

Content is extremely important to getting SEO results.Google can have a hard time in indexing your website for relevant keywords and along with the variations of those keywords if they do not exist with the content of your site. Search engines typically can’t see the content that’s within images and video and various design elements of the page. To summit up your content must match your target keywords.

4. Local Dubai links

Getting links to local websites listing is a good practice as it signifies that your business is important in Dubai. If the business has a presence in Dubai it’s actually not that hard to find opportunities to get links from other websites in the city. Here some great examples of the kind of links to look for.

Local Business Clubs For Your Industry

Dubai Event Sites

Local Niche Directories

Dubai Resource Pages

Community Pages

5. User experience for Dubai visitors

This can very well be one of the most neglected area of SEO that can have a very significant impact on how well a website ranks. Many websites find that they do everything correct and they are able to climb the ranks to the top position for their target keywords in Google, but within a short time, they find that their rankings start to take a nose dive. This often times has to do with the user experience on the page, though all the other SEO factors can be great if this one factor is bad it can ruin the ability to rank in the top positions. In essence, this means that when visitors come to your website they don’t find what they’re looking for and they quickly bounce off the site and return to the search results


SEO in Dubai still isn’t very competitive. If it is determined that Dubai and, by extension the UAE, is a key market for your business you should find that by implementing some of the tactics that are mentioned in this article that you will begin to rank better in Google. Companies that test some of the strategies mentioned above without continuing will find their results will be substandard, to say the least. To get the best SEO results for your business get in touch with us.

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