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Why do you need a mobile commerce app for your business?

posted 10th Dec 2017

Can you imagine that as of December 2017, there are over 2 billion smartphone users? Which is expected to increase by 2.5 billion by the time 2019 rolls around. That’s a lot! But what does this mean for business owners? Why is it so important for business owners to start embracing mobile apps to satisfy the needs of the growing number of smartphone users? 

If your business is not on this soapbox, sorry peeps, you will stay behind from the rest of the world. You might say, “Why do we need an app, if we already have a website optimized for mobile devices?" Yes, you might be right. However, there are a few things that a mobile app can perform beyond what a normal website can do. We will show you exactly what we mean! 

Apps are more convenient

Just think about the main app you use. If you have a chance to use that app and their company website, which one would you prefer? You will probably select the app, right? Since both are having almost the same features, why do you want to use the space on your mobile by installing apps? Because convenience is our priority. Though their functions are similar, apps are faster and easier to access, enabling a smooth experience. 

Geo-targeting and push notifications

How about delivering targeted ads to consumers at the right time and the right place? You can do that by integrating geolocation technology into mobile commerce apps. Through this, businesses can aim for potential customers near the stores. Moreover, with the help of push notifications, you can alert them to special events or sale close to their location. Apparently, they will feel special by this and are more likely to stop for a purchase.

Aids customer support

Offering customers an app is the best way to reach and connect with them in real life. Mobile apps are having the features like live chats or messaging center to build a healthy customer relationship. Consequently, faster response to the messages increases the reputation of the business. Since the customers can instantly reach your store via messages or calls, it will save their time as well.

Social media access 

According to research compiled by Webhosting Buzz, 86% of people reported they feel bothered by the need to create new profiles on websites. No wonder, human beings are super lazy. This is a blessing to your business as you can gain access to people’s social media information. You can leverage this by sending non-invasive notifications or coupons to them, as long as they allow you to and as long as you don’t overdo it. Increasing your social media interaction with your customers is very beneficial for your business brand. 

So why not consider investing in a mobile commerce app? If you are curious and would like more information on how to get an app for your business, feel free to contact a member of our team. 

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