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posted 5th Dec 2017

Hearing “Instagram”, you might be thinking about the goofy selfies and one-minute recipe videos. No folks, it is more than that.

Instagram is a wonderful and most excellent resource that any business can use. They have the ability to connect with a brand on an intimate level. Especially, with more than 700 million monthly active users, there are a lot of possibilities for your business on this platform.  

Here are a few reasons why should you use Instagram for your business.

Visual contents 

Obviously, social media users prefer visual contents. Don't believe me? Okay, just think of how many times you paused by seeing a picture or video while scrolling through your feed, quite a lot, right? The human brain processes image 60,000 times faster than it does text. Consequently, visual content is known to be the most important factor in marketing and optimizing social media presence. Therefore, Instagram is the best channel to create high-quality contents to reach a wider audience.

Users spend more time

Generally, after Facebook, people spend more time on Instagram; that means more chance for your business to get in front of your audience. Isn't that pretty cool?

It engages the audience

The Instagram’s engagement with the brand is 10 times higher than Facebook. The top brands are seeing 4.21% engagement rate on their platform, hence proving that Instagram is an excellent space to promote your brands. Consequently, the users are more likely to engage and share contents, although Facebook is the most popular media. 

Drives traffic to your website

What is the ultimate goal of a social media? Of course to drive traffic, right? And it is the most possible in a platform like Instagram with a wider audience. However, you can’t share active hyperlinks in the comments and caption, but you can add your link to the bio. In fact, you can use it wisely by asking people to check the link through comments and posts. Whether it is your home page, contest page or something else, you can drive your traffic by putting the right link in the bio. 

User-generated contents

You can incorporate user-generated contents into your Instagram account. That means, using the image or videos that your user has already created. More importantly, encourage your audience to share the photo of your products. You might be thinking, how? Use hashtags, contests and other means to have your audience submit contents to you. Obviously, customers love to see their brands interact. And the best part is, you get the contents to share with your audience that you don’t need to create.

Allows creativity

Instagram is a hub for creativity, providing you a space to generate creative contents. Furthermore, it allows you to tell stories and get creative to build a visual identity for your business. It is an open and fun platform available to execute experiments.

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