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Ways to promote your brand online

posted 6th Dec 2017

We all know that a small business doesn’t have a huge sum of money to spend on marketing. But does that mean there are no effective ways to promote your brand? OH come-on guys, your marketing methods are not limited to printed brochures, distributing fliers or sponsoring local events. 

Small businesses had very few options to do marketing before, mainly because of the limited budget and revenue. Now, after the introduction of online internet branding, you need to spend only a small amount of money to start up online promotions. However, it is mandatory to position your brand online to build an overall image, as it is the era of internet, where the vast majority of the global population depend online for everything.

So here are few ways to promote your brand online.  

Utilize social media

Utilize social media

What more do you need if you can get connected with the targeted audience directly? Social media is an important, cost-effective platform to market your brand online. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can help in boosting your company’s reputation. Furthermore, do an ad campaign to gain followers. 

So what are you waiting for now? Claim your profiles on these social networking sites.

Take hold of the search engines

search engines

Register your business in google places. This will make it easy for people to find you when they search for your company. It just takes few minutes to be done. For example, Microsoft Bing is one such platform that has the similar services to offer.

Write blogs to engage readers

Write blogs to engage readers

The blog is a brilliant and dynamic way to interact with the followers. It is an outstanding tactic to engage the followers and spread your word. You can bring different styles to your blog according to your target audience. But beware, an abandoned blog is equal to a corpse. Therefore, it is mandatory to keep your stream updated frequently.

Exploit SEO services

Exploit SEO service

Do not underestimate the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is considered as an indispensable weapon for promoting a brand online. There is no use of the website if there is no traffic. So, contact the best SEO specialist in your town and build up your backlinks so that your site will rank top in search engines. 

Press release

Press release

Press releases are one of the most powerful media tools to generate publicity and it is a plus point to have a free distribution as well. If your business is doing something newsworthy, don’t forget to publish a press release, people will pick up on it. There are lots of websites, which you can use for distributing press releases.

Podcasting is on


The podcast is a little known, but something that is gaining popularity these days. However, podcasting is an effective way to get exposure and conversion rates are higher than that of other digital media. There are officially two ways in which you can brand yourself through podcasting. The first is to present yourself as a guest on the podcasts and the second one is to start your own podcasts. Both methods will take up your time, but it’s worth it. Have a try!

Your brand is the backbone of your business. Undoubtedly, you will face negative consequences if you failed to keep up your brand online. Positioning your brand online is crucial to build an overall image, regardless of whether you are a new business or an old business. If you have any queries or questions about online branding, contact us.

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