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Spectacular web design tricks

posted 4th Dec 2017

Imagine your visitor getting awestruck, saying wow and woo when they keep surfing on your site. A moment of pride, right? An average visitor has a variety of expectation from your website - mainly overall performance and web design.

Therefore, the web designers use amazing techniques to arrest the attention of the visitors. Nevertheless, there are a few important techniques, which we feel are common factors, but create a lasting impression on the mind of people.

Let’s take a look at these mind controlling web design tricks.

The splashing colors

Color combinations play a foremost role to drive traffic by playing with the psyche of the visitors. Undoubtedly, it is a complicated task to beautify the designs with the color combos, but believe me, the results will amaze you. However, the color combos are just the highlighters, they won’t compromise the brand identity in any way. 

For example, blue usually depicts admiration and therefore used by banks and social sites. Green basically represents nature, but yellow and orange colors have a rapidity and hence can be used for limited time offers. If you have a luxury item, black is the best way to show its elegance.

A decent layout

The texts and pictures should be arranged in the right place, easing the movement of the visitor’s eyeballs. A clever layout is one thing which holds the visitors to the website. Do you know how to do it? If you do, then you are on. The reading pattern is usually in “z” starting from top left, a glance in the middle and stop at bottom right. Therefore, make sure that the overall content of the website is not cluttered, or else the visitors will click on the back arrow icon on the top.

Hooking Photographs

There is a famous quote “a picture is worth a thousand words” explaining the importance of photographs as a medium of communication. It is often easier to show something in pictures than to explain in words. Likewise, a beautiful gallery on your website is a brilliant way to demonstrate what you are and also it captures the attention of the visitors. Generally, good images have a substantial impact on your website, more than what you think.

Creative animations

Animations are having a key role to play in the digital interface. The decorators are employing more and more visual tools to make engaging and smile sparking animation contents. However, simple animations are being used widely, as too much would cause frustration for the visitors.

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