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How Microsoft SharePoint will benefit your business?

posted 9th Jun 2018

With its reputation as a secure place to store, organise, share and access any information from a wide range of devices, Microsoft SharePoint is truly one of the most popular enterprise-ready software with a huge user base spread across thousands of business globally. This is why about 75% of Fortune 500 use Microsoft SharePoint. This article will detail the benefits for businesses who utilise the software.

1. Centralized Workflow & Effective Business Control: The SharePoint dashboard panel displays every ongoing business activity on one screen. You will be able to allocate tasks to your employees and get an in-depth report on their progress. In other words, it is a feature that offers you a centralized control over the work-flow & business.

2. Advanced Visualization Tools: With SharePoint advanced visualization tools, making graphical representations for reports will be automated. It also lets you get results of strategies that have been implemented along with their suggested improvements.

3. Business Intelligence & Insight Analysis: Microsoft SharePoint is an excellent business intelligence system, encouraging you to keep a regular track of employees, leaves, assets, and business progress.  As a business owner, it will help you to better plan strategies, methodologies, and schedules for better profitability & ROI.

4. Highly Responsive: It is highly responsive on all smart devices and all platforms. Important tasks like sharing of documents, keeping a record of business reports, replying to business queries, etc. can all be performed easily through any of your smart devices.

5. Advanced Search Features: To effectively meet the business as well as the client's needs, an organization requires strong internet search tools. SharePoint comes with a highly advanced search feature that let you find important documents or related information quickly and accurately.

6. Cloud Framework: This is one of the biggest benefits of SharePoint. Working as a cloud system, SharePoint platform gives you unlimited choices to make your work simpler. It is scalable, flexible, quick and you can easily connect with your business from anywhere on the internet.

7. Improved Business Security: The security of business data is crucial to the survival of any organization. SharePoint empowers your business with most recent security and firewall. It ensures data protection with the top of the line security features.

8. Site Consolidation

Managers can easily utilize the SharePoint platform to consolidate intranet, extranet and internet sites. This can amass substantial cost savings for the organization and it also provides a more efficient method for accessing any website on the internet.

9. Security and Integrity

The SharePoint platform offers organizations the ability to protect the integrity of data from unauthorized use. This includes managing permissions to sites, lists, folders, documents, web applications and following SharePoint security best practices. Additionally, security measures can be implemented at both the document and item-level.

10. Ease of Use

SharePoint has features and tools that allow organizations to respond quickly to business needs by building solutions without having a background in web development. Whether you need to build or update your website or create a specific online tool for your team, SharePoint has the programs available for you to do so. You can easily perform the functions you need to in one application and the cost savings related to that can add up quickly.

There are many other benefits of SharePoint development with the addition of the above-mentioned points that can certainly grow your business. A reliable SharePoint Development Company can surely help you in leveraging these advantages & make the most of this technology.

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