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posted 1st Nov 2017

Google continually makes changes to the way its search engine analyzes and ranks, websites and individual pages. The real problem arises when you find trouble in showcasing your presence on a wider scale.

Search engines help to find stuff and thus, makes navigation easier. But how do you actually rank higher on search engines? Yes, this is the exact point where you need the help of an SEO specialist. This specialist will help your audience to find your website easily among many websites of similar criteria.

The rules of the SEO game have changed significantly in the last year or two. Google is now focused on the searcher, our customer, which means SEO is now a key part of everything we do online.

Here are a few tips on how to rank higher on Google.

Focus on the contents

Search engines are smarty pants now. That means the era of spoon feeding the key words has come to an end. You have to write the best content possible with an attractive headline and place the relevant key words in the right places. Keep in mind, readers come first.

Search results

Google the key words next time before you attempt to write a content. Do not expect the standard google result. They are finding lots of creative ways of displaying the information they have available to them. There are carousels, knowledge graphs, answer boxes, local search maps, and quite a few more. In that case, your content will be displayed down and won’t get the attention it deserves.

Mobile phones

Of course mobile phones are a big thing nowadays. Simply get to a shopping mall or café, look around how many people are using mobile phones. Don’t treat mobile phones as an afterthought. Check your traffic from the mobile and if it’s large, then put mobile first.

Visitor’s happiness

Keep your customers happy online. Didn’t get what I mean? For example, you search for a pastry shop nearby and you click on the first website that comes up. However, the website is not opening. At this point, most people will go back to the original search and click the next website on the list.

So which shop do you think most people will end up going with? Google observes how users behave – through their access to such things as Chrome, Android, Search, Maps, Gmail and more. As a result, Google knows what people like (and don’t like) and prioritizes the search results accordingly. For them, that is good business. Because keeping you on search is how they make money.

Go secure

Imagine the terrible situation in which the website shows “unsecure” to your visitors. Google has already began to highlight sites that are NOT secure within Chrome early in 2017.Starting with sites collecting passwords or credit card data. If you are not aware of this, then start taking it seriously. NO, you can’t lose your customers.

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