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How can Mobile App soar your business to new heights?

posted 10th May 2018

In the last decade or so we have ushered in a mobile era. An increase in the usage of both mobiles and desktops have changed the very dynamics in the never-ending quest to conquer the global market, where the key to victory lies in communicating your brand message to the masses.

It is only a matter of time before those who stick to the motto of ‘go mobile or perish’ be the ones to prosper. Mobile websites and mobile applications (apps for short) are veritable tools for such endeavours, both with their share of advantages and disadvantages. For now, we will just highlight the potential that a Mobile App has to offer.

So what are the plethora of benefits for those businesses with a mobile app?

1. Mobile Apps are faster

When it comes to performing complex actions mobile apps are 1.5x much faster compared to mobile websites as mobile apps store the data required for complex functions in the local devices while mobile websites store it on the web servers. Depending on the internet speed it may take anywhere between a few seconds or a minute to retrieve the data. The longer it takes the more likely it is for customers to lose interest in your product.

2. Delivering personalized content

Nothing can get customers excited than a highly tailored content built to suit their preferences. Personalisation can be based on a customer’s interest in location culture, language etc. Mobile apps make it easy to create personalized experiences. And personalized experience ultimately can translate into sales for products and services.

3. Instant Online and Offline access

Despite the internet spreading its wide web of connectivity in every free corner of the globe, there are times when being online can become a luxury. Which is why that some apps for storefronts and banking both work offline and online, thereby giving an opportunity to consume content without any internet connection. This is the basic difference between a mobile website and a mobile app. Yes, mobile apps do need an internet connection but they can still offer the basic functionality like notifications even in offline mode and that what makes a difference between a sales and a bounce.

4. Increased Productivity with Reduced Costs

A mobile app’s biggest benefit is that it will help your business in expanding to a wider customer-base in a short time, at the same time reducing the marketing costs needed to do so. Mobile Apps increases your communication between your employees, vendors and customers by sharing the same resources and analysing user behaviour. They can also increase production by 20-40% with readily available charts and reporting tools with accumulated customer data. With a direct line of communication, your business can reduce marketing and advertising costs.

5. A foothold can be established with SEO

To rise above the clutter of the market one must undertake unique outdoor marketing campaigns or rank higher in SEO hits. Fortunately ranking higher in SEO is far more simplistic and cost-effective. And mobile apps make it easier to make your business become higher ranked in search results. You can customise your application on app stores to rank your business high by including Dynamic Success Metrics that will ensure your application's success via SEO.


The above examples are just a few of the many advantages a mobile app will offer. At the moment there are millions of mobile apps, with more being coming forth every day. Remember, users, are spending more and more time on apps as latest researchers have suggested and a business should be present where its customers are. So, it is the best time to build mobile applications for businesses to fully harness ‘First Movers Advantage’ to sell your products and services before your competitor does. If you are a business looking to explore avenues where it can be taken to new heights, the feel free to get in touch with us.

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