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posted 12th Sep 2017

I can understand that stressful situation, when you have to decide between choosing to go with a ready-made template and going with a customized web design.

Yes, custom web designs are a bit more expensive than template websites. I agree, and hence, most startups prefer templates which are available via several online resources. Of course, most of us prefer the low-cost option because the cost-saving always sounds like the better option.

However, are template websites actually promising? Let’s have a quick sneak peek at the pros and cons of both custom-made and template-made websites, and let’s see for ourselves which looks more promising. And the final decision is yours and yours alone.


The main advantage of template websites is that it takes a short time to develop and is considered to be less expensive. Even a person who does not know much about HTML and CSS can create a simple website using a ready-made template. 

Both advantages sound promising, right? Who wouldn’t want a low-cost website done in a very short-period of time? 

Unfortunately, that’s not the full story, life is never that simple, and many disadvantages do come along with creating a template website. Let’s name a few. When buying a website template, customization becomes tricky, and almost always ends up not matching your needs.  It is so challenging to fit web elements such as images, videos and texts into ready-made templates, especially if you are looking for a customized theme for your website. 

Another big disadvantage of template websites is that your website will lose its uniqueness, and now-a-days it’s really easy to spot out template-made websites, as they almost never fit your theme. 

Finally, poor support and browser compatibility has always been a major issue associated with website templates.


The main advantage of having a custom website is that it makes you stand out from the crowd. With a custom-made website, you are allowed and encouraged to show your company culture and personality through design. 

In addition, custom websites are known to be more search engine friendly than website templates, and thus, tend to rank higher on search engines. 

Furthermore, in customized web designs, you have the whole support from creative designers and skilled developers from the agency that you hire. If you hire the correct agency, you will be able to troubleshoot and fix bugs with little to no hesitation. 

Finally, the additional benefit of a content management system (CMS) makes it easier for the business to keep the website updated from anywhere. 

But is it all sunshine and roses? 

As with everything in life, disadvantages do exist. First off all, it takes longer to create a custom web design than website templates due to complex processes and tailored designing. It is also known to be not as pocket friendly as templates, as you have to pay more for custom web design. However, with the right agency, and the right plan, the agency can make it work for the best possible rate, and the quickest and most efficient way possible. And for that, you don’t have to look far, we at Designfort, specialize in custom-made websites. 

To conclude, it is incredibly important to evaluate the pros and cons of template and custom-made websites. As the decision you make can be the difference between a good, professional website and a bad one, which can have a big impact on your business. 

If you still can’t figure it out and need help making a decision, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always available to help. 

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