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7 reasons to use Twitter for promoting your business

posted 19th Mar 2018

Actually, why do you need twitter for your business? Let me explain, there are two types of people on twitter. The first group is the folks who are interested in your product or services and the second group are the people who they pay attention to. So if your business is not on this platform, you are missing out on a huge crowd.

Twitter has a lot of benefits for businesses and can complement other communication channels. Here are a few reasons to use Twitter for promoting your business.

Allows open communication

Unlike Facebook, Twitter is an open space. This enables any business to promote itself in an excellent way. Moreover, you can update your followers with current information about your firm and in return it allows your followers to communicate with you. For example, Twitter is used for film promotions by recommending new movies and retweeting the tweets from film critics.

Connect with the influencers 

Through Twitter, you can connect with influencers. They are people with a large number of followers. Borrowing their followers will make your business reach a larger audience.

Generate Leads

What more do you need than a platform that is known to increase your sales? Tweeting about special offers or new products, persuade your followers to find out more and thereby increasing your sales.

Increase legitimacy

People often check to see if you have an account and followers. And that makes you legitimate. However, if you didn’t tweet for a while, people will start to doubt your business activity. If you are active on twitter and reply to queries, they will be very excited thinking that your business is trustworthy. After all, why do you want to go after expensive ads on Google and Facebook when you have a cheaper method like Twitter to reach people?

Getting feedback

Receiving feedback is useful for businesses that want to improve. Many businesses in UAE use social media sites to receive online feedback, reviews, and comments so that they can polish up themselves.

Researching trends

Searching or following tweets can give you an idea about trending topics. Moreover, it allows you to see what they are saying about your product or services as well as competitors. You can search for live tweets since it happens at the real time.

Build your brand

Twitter is a great opportunity to build your brand. Tweeting about your people, news about your industry and your brand’s personality gives followers a sense of your business.

So how do you get started? 

It is really simple to open up a twitter account; create a profile, upload a picture and introduce your business. Furthermore, you could also provide a URL, which will help people find your business, website or app. So what are you still waiting for? Create a profile today.

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