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5 tips to design your brand identity

posted 23rd Mar 2018

Is it just a logo on your mind when you hear brand identity? Come-on guys, it is more than a logo, more than a brand style guide. Generally, it is the sum total of how your brand looks, feels and speaks to them - the main factor which persuades them to take a decision whether or not to mingle with you.

It is obligatory to apply all your creative skills to make a brand that outlasts long. Here are a few tips to design your brand identity.

Research thoroughly 

This is an arduous stage in making a brand identity. It needs time, effort and manpower. While creating a brand, always remember the targeted market and format perceived. To finish this research phase, we ask several questions such as, who are the audience, what is the existing brand, who is the competition and so on.

Conduct briefing

Having a creative briefing will make you think creatively and subjectively. This will enable you to have a clear objective of the brand strategy. Moreover, the briefing will enable both parties (the creative agency and client) to rationalize the design decisions.

Meet the expectation

It is a brilliant move to ask your client to have their own research to find the reference for their branding - you will understand what they like.

Be unique and original

Check out your competitors to see colors, typefaces and visual styles used by them. Learn it properly and create something truly unique. Make it stand out more.

Don’t ignore the client

I agree you have more experience, but the client knows the product better than anyone else. However, creating a set of visuals will make you smarty pants in front of your peers, but might not meet the expectations of the clients. Moreover, it won’t be good for the brand.

Find the specialty

Don’t miss out that “something special” about the product or clients. If you did then you are missing out a huge opportunity to connect with the people whom you are creating this brand for. Furthermore, do it in the beginning or else you will mess up things.

Creating a brand identity is a daunting process, but all you need to do is apply all the skills you have in a unique way. The above tips might help you develop a perfect brand identity making both you and the client happy.

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