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5 things your logo needs

posted 14th Dec 2017

People underestimate the importance of having a customized logo for their company. But let me tell you, a logo is more than just an image. It acts as the face of your company. Especially when the online platform is packed with several businesses offering similar products and services, your company’s logo is one element that will make your firm stand out.

The logos accentuate the importance of having a recognizable brand for your company. Furthermore, logo positions your firm and gives you an individual identity. Don't you believe that's true? For instance, when you hear KFC, what comes to your mind? The logo- a picture of a smiling old man, right?

If you are traveling and suddenly you come across a banner with the logo of McDonald’s, just the logo alone, without the name of the firm, will you be able to recognize that there is a McDonald’s nearby? Definitely, you will follow the arrow mark if you have junk food cravings at that moment.

So, here are 5 major things to keep in mind while designing a logo

Be unique and original

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Your logo should be distinctive and unique to you. That means, it should be done specifically for you. In addition, it is the one factor that makes your firm stand out from the rest. 

Instead of following popular design ideas, craft a unique logo. For instance, Apple's logo is not a computer, but it is unique.

Just keep it simple

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Simple designs are often more memorable. However, including a lot of elements will create a distraction. It is better not to make your audience sit and analyze the logo.

Keep colors in mind

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The color of a logo increases brand recognition. According to the study conducted by The Logo Company, each color represents different emotions.

Red, they said, is exciting, bold and youthful. Orange is friendly, cheerful and confident. Yellow brings optimism, clarity, and warmth. Green represents peace, health and growth. Blue evokes trust, dependability and strength. Purple is creative, imaginative and wise. And black and white are balanced, neutral and calm.


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Typography communicates the personality of the firm. Many companies link their brand’s font directly to profits.


The logo tells a story and it has to reverberate in the customer’s mind when they find you. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain clarity for your logo.

Logos won’t become instantly iconic, even if you’ve designed the most beautiful combination of vectors. It depends on the product’s success and the market in which it exists. Nevertheless, don’t change your logo just because you’re tired of it, or because your competitors have. If the time has come to evolve your logo, look for elements that you can carry forward.

There are a lot of digital agencies in Dubai, which will aid you in making a logo. If you are interested in making one with us, we will be more than happy to assist you

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